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-fly zone. >> as doug luzader shows us now, the white house is trying to dial back the u.s. involvement in the mission. >> reporter: the u.s. plans to step back now from the primary leadership role in this libian operation just as the international consensus may be fraying: a reinvigorate the option in libya and a path way of a destruction of what remained of gadhafi forces that were closed in on a rebel stronghold. the pounding from u.s. and coalition forces has begun to subside. the emphasis is on locking down the air space over the libian capital. >> with the growing capabilities of the coalition, i anticipate the no-fly zone will soon extend to drega and misratta and then to tripoli. >> reporter: and some countries are questioning how this will play out. the bomb and missile attacks have gone beyond taking out anti-aircraft batteries. and while the president has not altered his latin american tour schedule, while in chile he did make clear that u.s. will soon play more of a background role. >> let me emphasize that we anticipate this transition to take place in a matter of days and
. >> reporter: the u.s. isn't completely off the hook here, but this does help the president diminish the u.s. role over libya. our u.s. fighter jets doing heavy lifting could be over. they went along with the plan to lookdown libyan air space. >> we have agreed along with nato allies to transition, command, and control for the no- fly zone over libya to nato. >> reporter: it's an out for president obama who wanted to limit u.s. leadership in the libyan mission. but there are still some questions about what role nato will play protecting civilians. the u.s. military would still be responsible for going after the military on the ground. the most difficult and controversial mission in libya. there are some things that only the u.s. military can do. >> we will continue to apply the pressure we can through strikes on logistics and weapons capability to compel them to stop killing their own people. >> reporter: that mission could test the resolve of the united nations which called for the intervention in the first place. for critics of the president's leadership, this is e evidence of a weakened u
libian forces. >> rebels trying to advance on several cities but they are not organized and the u.s. is warning of a long stalemate. also following breaking developments concerning a u.s. war plane that crashed in a field near benghazi. the pilot of the f-15 e eagle was rescued and is okay. >> as doug luzader reports, the white house is trying to dial back the u.s. involvement in the mission. >> reporter: the u.s. plans to step back now from the primary leadership role in this libian operation just as the international consensus may be fraying. a reinvigorated opposition in eastern libya and a path of destruction on a high way of what remains of a gadhafi forces that was closing in on a rebel strong hold. the pounding on u.s. and coalition forces has begun to subside. the impetuous is on looking down the air space over the libian capital. >> with the growing capabilities of the coalition, i anticipate the no-fly zone will extend to dregga and disratta and tripoli. >> reporter: but some are questioning how this will play out. the bomb and missile attacks have gone beyond taking out a
to dump water on the reactors and u.s. scientists are joining the effort to help prevent a full meltdown. >> we are first and foremost focused now on helping in any way we can to help the japanese government and the power company contain -- cool down the reactors and contain it and stop the leaking. >> reporter: u.s. helicopters are still flying in relief suppliesment on the ground search continues for survivors as the death toll markets. and the stock market rebounded after two dismal days. u.s. markets may follow the trend today but with both the nuclear crisis and a humanitarian disaster, jap an will face years of recovery. japan's defense ministry said the water drops seen on tv were a drill and there are no plans to dump water on the to the nuclear reactors. damages are now estimated between $150 up to nearly $200 billion and that's without the possible nuclear meltdown. allison and tony. >> sherry ly, thank you so much. >>> the priority is keeping the fuel rods cool. friday's earthquake knocked out the cooling system and since then they have poured sea water on the rods. vessel is
this speech. defending his actions and explaining why this intervention matters to the united states. with u.s. tomahawk cruise missiles still launching off libya shores, president obama said he had little choice but to step in. >> and as president, i refused to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action. >> reporter: libian leader gadhafi he said was on the eve of touching off a massacre. the president made his case at the national defense university before an audience filled with u.s. military leaders. nato, he said, has already taken away much of the u.s. burden in libya but the u.s. military is still playing an active role, helping libian rebels claw background lost to gadhafi forces. while the president calls gadhafi a tire ant who needs to leave, he said the military will stop short of forcing him out, comparing it to the war in iraq. >> regime change there took years and thousands of american and iraqi lives and a trillion dollars. that is not something we can afford to repeat if libya. >> reporter: and the president went to great lengths to frame libya as a h
, gadhafi forces fired heavy anti-aircraft fire in the area. it hit a trent in tripoli. the u.s. insists gadhafi is not a target. and gaudy a did declare another -- gadhafi cleared another -- lek laired another -- declared another cease fire. >> reporter: the u.s. military said this has been successful so far. but gadhafi vows this is the beginning of a long way. anti-aircraft fire in the skies over tripoli. but there is little to do to stop cruise his -- hisles. on his way to russia, robert gates sought to play down the u.s. role. >> we will continue to support the coalition and be a member of the coalition and have a military role in the coalition, but not the preeminent role. >> reporter: but some have questioned what the goal is. the air strikes have gone beyond just targeting air defenses. advancing columns of his forces have been hit and part of his personal compound was struck. although the pentagon said gadhafi is not a target. rebels in the east has cheered the attacks, hoping the tide will turn in their favor. but the president has continued with his tour of latin america, taki
the direction of the town. >> reporter: meanwhile u.s. search and rescue teams have arrived in japan, including the fairfax county search and rescue team. 74 members of virginia task force 1 and six canine teams are on the ground helping with the res key efforts. so are three doctors, paramedics and even structural engineers from our area. they are among res coup teams september from -- rescue teams send from 10 different countries and red cross also helping out. >> there are pockets of communities where no one has been able to get to yet because they've been cut off by roads that are destroyed or even by the tsunami waters that haven't receded so those with the people we're worried about. >> reporter: days after the initial destruction many are struggles to find food and water and drivers are being rationed small amounts of fuel as some gas stations are running out. >> also the u.s. state department is urging americans not to travel to japan. meanwhile the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission says radiation from japan is unlikely to reach the u.s. in harmful amounts. >>> well it's the threat of
.n., nato heed and by the time it's aprudent, everybody is dead opt ground. u.s. officials says that a no- fly zone would not be implemented until sunday or monday at the earliest. the question will be, can rebels hold that long? >> the big story we are follow this morning. the new twes in the ever growing scandal gripping the d.c. mayor's office. congress is now stepping into suliman brown's pay for play allegations. >> good morning, allsopp, good morning, steve. glsmght a house oversight committee has now launched a full investigation into the allegations that suliman brown that he was paid cash by mayor vincent gray's campaign cash and given a high level government job by the administration in exchange for his attacks on former mayor adrian fenty during the campaign. the oversight committee's chairman says he does not trust the d.c. government to investigate this matter. this allegations have plagued mayor vincent gray's administration for weeks after brown was hired and fired after questions arose about his qualification. earlier, brown met with members of the oversight committee. in
against radiation. in the meantime, a warning from the u.s. state department for americans in japan to think about getting out. >> as doug luzader reports, there seems to be a growing rift between u.s. and japanese officials over a possible meltdown. >> reporter: the president has spoken to japan's prime minister as the administration prepares to evacuate american citizens. this is what a last-stitch effort looks like. japan has resorted to dumping water from helicopters to cool down melting reactors. president obama last night spoke about the growing need of help for japan. >> we are bound together by a common humanity. >> but not a common view of the dangers in japan. the u.s. thinks the risks are much higher than the japanese are letting on. >> we believe there is no water in the rod known as number four and it is my great hope that the information we have is not accurate. i would hope for the sake of everyone that the situation is not at the stage that we think it is. >> reporter: but that fear is enough for america to get 50 miles away from the plant, not the 12 miles the japan
see that across the eastern u.s., quite a variety of temperatures. binghamton, new york, 28 degrees. there is snow falling in new england this morning. and cape hatteras, 62 degrees. so not bad at all. the forecast for today, a lot of clouds. we'll have periods of rain and showers and then maybe this afternoon some thunderstorms, some of which could be strong. look for a high in d.c. today in the upper 50s and down to the south into the 60s. that's a look at the weather. now another check on this morning's rush hour traffic from julie wright. >>> a couple of things have popped up on us on the roads. on the outer loop from springfield in the direction of the wilson bridge, accident right here along the right side of the road. they are in the process of moving it. it is behind the overhead sign but they are in the process of moving it to the right shoulder. until that happens, big delays from van dorn over to eisenhower past the scene. then as you can see, the pace improves headed for the wilson bridge. but it's bunched up as you travel f
as the president debated whether or not the u.s. could start arming rebel groups. >>> it was 30 years ago today that a gunman fired shots at president ronald reagan. a look back at that day and the only local tv interview with jim brady, the press secretary who suffered life-altering wounds in the assassination attempt. fox 5 morning news starts right now. >>> let's take a look outside as we look at traffic on the wilson bridge, early on this wednesday morning. it's march 30th, getting close to the end of the month. one more day left in this third month of the year. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. glad that you are with us today. and i seem to recall this is going to be the nicest day of the week. did i miss that. >> i think yesterday might have been. i think you might have missed it. >> i missed it. i was hoping for this day. >> but this might be the nicest moment of this particular day. >> there you go, live for the moment. enjoy the next few minutes, it's going to be nice. and then we have the changes. >> and it's done. >> and it's over. yesterda
is headed for the u.s. >> reporter: the images are stunning. an 8.9 earthquake centered off the east coast of japan. the quake was violent, but the water has been rerentless. images of floating debris on fire. buildings are simply swept away. >> there's thousands of people. you look at the pictures and i don't see how that couldn't happen. >> reporter: the quake hit while parliament was in session. the prime minister spoke a short time later. >> to the people of japan. >> reporter: appealing for calm he said the nuclear power plants have not been affected, but the full extent of the damage isn't yet known. the fear is what's happening in japan could be repeated across the pacific including much of the u.s. west coast. evacuations are already underway in hawaii. >> it's going to be an experiment to watch this thing unfold. this was not expected. you don't see these things but once in a lifetime really. >> japan is a country used to earthquakes. it's in the ring of fire, but this has been catastrophic. the first waves are expected to hit hawaii in a little over an hour from now. the tsunami
-up. the u.s. supreme court ruled protests by a kansas church outside of military funerals are protected by the first amendment. in an 8-1 vote the high court sided with the westboro baptist church and agreed with a lower court that tossed out a $5 million lawsuit by a member of a fallen soldier. they picketed with the message that death is god's judgment for the telerans of gays. >> my first thought was eight justices don't have the common sense god gave a goat. we found out today that we can no longer bury our dead in this country with dignity. >> nothing has changed except that this case put a megaphone to the mouth of this little church. >> as a result of the ruling, the supreme court reinstated the legal fees of the westboro baptist church which albert snyder will have to pay. bill o'reilly has offered to pick up the tab for the snyders. >>> a toddler is in a critical condition after an apartment fire in north east. the first floor fire broke out about 8:30 last night on bening road. when firefighters got to the scene they found a 4-year-old boy outside critically hurt. the woman wh
to russia, robert gates sought to playdown the u.s. role. >> we'll continue to support the coalition, we'll be a member of the coalition, we'll have a military role in the coalition, but we'll not have the preimminent role. >> reporter: but for now the role is preimminent and some question what the actual goal is. the air strikes have gone beyond just targeting air defenses, advancing columns of gadhafi forces have been hit and part of his personal compound was struck, although the pentagon said gadhafi is not a target. ribels in the east has cheered the attacks, hoping the tide will turn in their favor. president obama, meantime, has continued with his schedule tours of latin america, taking in the sights with his family. it may be another part of a white house effort to deemphasize the u.s. role in libya but critics wonder if the ultimate u.s. goal to expand to include getting rid of gadhafi. >> that distinction is quite important. because if this is a war to remove gadhafi, who knows where it could go. >> reporter: and there is fear of rumblings here on capitol hill tat president need
of japan. it is going to charter airplanes to help u.s. citizens who wish to leave. and they say if you are planning a trip to japan, to postpone it. >>> and they are working to cool the nuclear plant reactors. craig boswell explains the latest efforts. >> reporter: helicopter crews dressed in protective gear have been flying routes, dropping sea water on the fukushima plant. each can carry 7.5 tons of sea water. on the ground they are monitoring the radiation exposure on a realtime basis. a series of fires happened on tuesday and wednesday. risks are growing that fuel rods will melt and hydrogen will be generated and because of that water trucks are on stand-by, prepared to spray from the ground with 4 tons each. but reactors 3 and 4 are the priority northeast of tokyo. evacuees are still being scanned for radiation exposure. >> i'm angry with those running the plantch it's a joke. >> reporter: the snow is hampering search efforts and the health of the survivors. >> today it's cold so some people have fallen sick. they are getting diarrhea. >> reporter: and there is little food to go a
. >> reporter: u.s. helicopters are still flying in relief supplies. on the ground the search continues for survivors as the death toll quickly climbs. the good news for japan, the stock market there rebounded after two dismal days. u.s. markets may follow the trend today but with both a nuclear crisis and a humanitarian disaster, japan will face years of recovery. >> reporter: damages from the earthquake and tsunami are estimated between 150 and $200 billion without a possible nuclear meltdown. >> sherry, thank you very much. >>> let's get more information on the nuclear problems in japan. >> joining us now by phone, neal cheehan from the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> we are looking at new assessments of this explosion and the growing possibility of large amounts of radiation spewing. these are reports that we're reading now from the post. can you tell us the real threat here? >> well the real concern is in the immediate vicinity of the plant. we do not see any risk posed to either the main land, united states, or the other tear cor
attached. >> reporter: the u.s. isn't completely off the hookings but it does help the president diminish the u.s. role over libya. our fighter jets some of the heavy lifting could soon be over. nato somewhat reluctantly went along with the plan to take over the operation locking down libyan air space. >> we have agreed along with our allies to transition, command, and control for the no- fly zone over libya to nato. >> reporter: it's an out for president obama who wanted to limit u.s. leadership, but there are still some questions about what role nato will play protecting civilians, and the u.s. military would still be responsible for going after gurvir dhindsa's military on the ground. there are some things that only the u.s. military can do. >> we will continue to apply the pressure we can through strikes on their logistics and weapons capability. >> reporter: that mission could test the resolve of the united nations, which called for the intervention in the first place. this is all evidence of a weakened u.s. position on the world stage.
of that tap water. here in the u.s. though, the food and drug administration is banning imports of some milk and produce from the region. latest numbers show sharp increases in radio activity levels in a range of vegetables as far away as 25 miles from the plant. relief organizations are pouring into the country to help out any way they can. and wee spoke with the vice president and the media relations person in sendai last hour and here is what they had to say. >> a lot of progress is being made about cleaning it up, the runway is open and the roadway is open but there is a tremendous amount of debris and garbage. we went and looked at homes today and you see a few homes that are standing, everything between them is gone and you know that looks good for those few homes until you realize that the wave actually came over the top of those houses and they were fully submerged. >> reporter: and the death toll now from the quake and tsunami is over 9,000 but nearly 14,000 are still missing. so the number of deaths is expected to go up. allison? >> sarah simmons in studio. thank you. >>> first the
: the administration said all options are on the table but gadhafi is standing firm even as u.s. war ships are closing in. another city in rebel hands. libian leader gadhafi is now surrounded as areas to the east and west slip from his control. but in an interview with abc, he remains defiant. >> they love me, all of my people love me -- all. they will die to protect me, my people. >> reporter: but they don't love him everywhere. the wave of anti-gadhafi anger is growing. his amage hangs in effigy in the west where rebels are firmly in control despite what he said. >> it sounds delusional. >> reporter: president obama has been pushing for economic sanctions and secretary of state hillary clinton said that all options are on the table, including a military response. but even as u.s. warships move closer and closer to libian shores, the critics say the white house needs to do more. >> so far what the obama administration has done at the u.n. and elsewhere is take symbolic steps that are not having a real impact on the situation on the ground. >> reporter: a situation that gadhafi blames on al-qaeda as p
in studio with details now. >> reporter: well this is a three-day operation in northern virginia. u.s. immigration and customs enforcement or i.c.e. with the cooperation of local authorities arrested a total of 163 people. of those arrested, 130 were here illegally. 3 had already been deported and came back to the u.s. illegally. and eight were fugitives. many also have criminal histories, including rape and robbery. this bus is part of a recent enforcement effort targeting criminal aliens and an i.c.e. spokesman said the program has a direct effect on public safety auto each community where the arrests are made. >> we're trying to arrest and remove people from our communities who are committing crimes. and if you don't, the statistics suggest that if they stay in our communities long enough, and if you're a committed criminal offender, guess what, you will commit another crime. and not 6%, 60-70%. so you do the math and you'll see. >> reporter: and ice released a statement yesterday saying in part, we are a nation with a proud history of immigration. come here lawfully and play by th
the massacre in 2007. when the u.s. department of education wants the school to pay $55,000. >>> and the fda is investigating potential links between dyes and preservatives in our food and hyperactivity in our children. an expert will join us in studio next to talk about the hearings today and what we might expect to get out of them. we're back in a moment. >>> a frederick county teenager is accused of bringing a loaded gun to high school in frederick. investigators say the boy was showing off a .22-caliber revolver to friends. students told a school resource deputy. the teen claims he needed it for protection after a fight on monday. >>> virginia tech has been fined for the time it took to respond to the 2007 massacre there. the university will have to pay the maximum of $55,000 for violating federal law by waiting too long to notify students during the shooting rampage. but the u.s. department of education did not impose taking some or all of its $98 million in federal student aid. one of the students shot that day is now a gun control lobbyist on the hill. he talked about the decision. >>
is raising the severity level of the nuclear crisis. >> and the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission says it will now undergo a review after president obama ordered them to take a look at all nuclear plants. more americans are returning whom >> reporter: the line is long in tokyo airport. for some, the fear of radiation is too much to handling. we have been advised by the u.s. ambassador and a nuclear expert friend of mine that we should get out of here now. otherwise, we would not leave. we love it here. >> it's for my children that i scare. >> some are bringing trace radiation. >> does it concern you that they found trace radiation levels on these planes? >> i didn't know that. i didn't know that. that is a little concerning. sure, it is aren't i would go the other way. i'm not that concerned. i think it's going to be minor at this point. >> reporter: a medical shipment from dallas also showed a small amount of radiation. they are keeping the aircraft away from any potentially radioactive clouds that they are dog. atmospheric monitoring stations in northern california -- southern califo
the oil output to fall by a million barrels a day. the unrest has some calling on the president for u.s. action, including a potential no-fly zone. >> they're air defenses are antiquated and this would send a signal to gadhafi that the president is serious when he said we need for gadhafi to go. >> i think we certainly ought to look for ways to be helpful for those seeking to over throw dictators, certainly short of sending in our own military personnel. >> reporter: the white house is considering tapping the country's strategic petroleum reserves for the first time since 2005. there are 227 million-barrels in there. >> everything has to be on the table when you see the difficulty coming out of the economic crisis. >> reporter: for now saudi arabia has ramped up production to make up for the libian drop but the fear is that chaos will spread through the middle east and send prices higher to $3.51. this is the biggest two week increase but still 60 cents shy of the high of $4.11. >>> robert gates arrived in afghanistan this morning, telling american troops that both the u.s. and afghanis
details on the attempt on the leaves of several u.s. soldiers in germany. >>> and new details about an fbi agent missing for four years. why the government says it has concrete proof he is still alive. 2  never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. we had an outpouring of-- of support. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. the 60 miles-- it makes a statement. i know i'm stronger than i was before, both mentally and physically. i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone to a whole new level because of training together. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. i knew that there was something really special about this event. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. it was three days of hope. of love. of empowerment. it was three days the way the world should be. here i am, second year in a row, and i'm already signed
. >>> president obama is planning to address the nation tonight. >> he'll explain why u.s. forces are deeply involved in libya. doug luzader has more from capitol hill. >> reporter: the white house is under pressure to explain why we are fighting in libya and how and when this will come to an end. if the president is still looking for advice on exactly what he should say in tonight's address to the nation, he didn't need to look far this weekend. >> i think the president needs to put this in the broader context and explain. >> gadhafi has to go but he's not outlined the steps the united states needs to take. >> reporter: and so far it's been left to hillary clinton and robert gates to explain what the end game is in libya. nato is planning to take over the entire operation but the white house chose to bypass congressional approval for the united states. >> i don't think it's a vital interest nor the united states but we clearly have interest there and it's part of the region which is of vital interest for the united states. >> reporter: on the ground, the tide appears to be turning yet again
negotiating with the u.s. navy. the pirates are being tried in federal court in virginia. >>> two d.c. cold cases have been solved with one arrest. police say the accused shooter was recently arrested and confessed to killing two people. the accused shooter was just 14 all the the time of the shootings. he gunned him down because he felt disrespected. it's hard to understand but that's the reason her son is gone. >> it's kind of sad. it's very sad that a 14-year- old would not even think twice about taking someone. never see it happening. >> the shooter has been charged as a juvenile. >>> police are asking for your help in identifying this woman. take a good look to see if you recognize her. anybody with information is being asked to call the police department. >>> a final vote on same sex marriage is expected to happen in maryland. they are considering last- minute change to the bill to keep groups from being forced to participate in gay e weddings and potentially secure the votes needed to pass. the senate easily cleared the bill two weeks ago. it's been delayed in the house because of
after being shot in the head. john perry had been a 10-year veteran with the u.s. marshals. police say a fugitive shot perry and two other officers as they were trying to arrest him on charges of assaulting a law enforcement officer. and drug possession. and the suspect was killed in the exchange. the other two officers survived. >>> more than eight years after u.s. bishops pledge swift action to keep potential abusers away from young people, a grand jury has a report of sexual abuse or otherwise inappropriate behavior with minors rocks the philadelphia archdiocese. fox angela airhart has the answer. >> reporter: 21 priests suspended from active ministry in philadelphia. it could be the single most sweeping action taken in the history of the u.s. roman catholic church. >> this is a very particular and unique situation. as the cardinal has stressed in his statement, this administrative leaves are interim measures they're not final recommendations. >> and the report accused the archdiocese of a widespread cover-up of predator priests stretching over decks. >> the fact that the cardinal i
. an investigation was launched after he was accused of inappropriate conduct with a male student. >>> u.s. park police are still on the hunt for a man accused of sexual assault and a robbery. he attack add woman in a northeast park and robbed another woman. in both cases, the victims got into the car willingly and he drove them to the park. we are a black male in the mid-20s, dark commercial, whose heiress in corp rows or dread locks and driving a mid-size car, probably more made. this car has a sticker with some lettering and it says rest in peace and there is some further lettering that we were not' to determine. >> park police say that the park is generally very safe and robberies are unusual there >>> prince william county is suing the department of homeland security. the county filed suit after not getting information about a man who is an el legal immigrant. he is charged in an accident that killed a nun last august. the feds agreed it turn off information about montano after the county filed a freedom of information act request but the county says they have not received anything. >>> the
last night, the president strongly defending the u.s. military action in libya. >> he gave the speech at the national defense university in the district and as doug luzader reports, the president also laid down some limits. >> reporter: the president waited nine days to deliver this speech, defending his actions and explaining why this intervention matters to the united states. with u.s. tomahawk cruise missiles still launching off libya shores, president obama said he had little choice but to step in. >> as president, i refuse to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action. >> reporter: libian leader moammar gadhafi was on the eve of touching off a massacre he said. the president made his case at the national defense university before an audience of military leaders. nato, he said, has already taken away much of the u.s. burden in libya but the u.s. military is still playing an active role, helping libian rebels claw background lost to gadhafi forces. and while the president called gadhafi a tire ant who needs to leave, he said the military will stop short o
remains of u.s. service members that are found anywhere in the world. and then to have them come here to washington and not be kept track of, that seems like the biggest travesty of all. >> it's uncon schennable. we have to make sure our cemeteries are managed and we can identify those remains and be certain beyond a shadow of doubt where the remains are and that they match headstones and that's out of respect for the folks that have served our country and for their families. >> and now you mentioned the future and what can be done. that's the question now. no matter how big the problem may be, even if more information comes out, something still has to be done. can you fix it? >> i think so. i don't think there is a choice. i think we need to make sure that we hold the official there's at arlington responsible, hold the army responsible to make sure that beyond a shadow of a debt all set of remains is clearly identified and the grave marker matches that. it will be a long, arduous process but we owe it to this nation and our veterans and the heroes that have served this nation to get
.c. gray hiring an attorney. >> the u.s. attorney's office is look into claims of an alleged pay deal. good morning, stacy, what's the latest on this story? >> reporter: good morning, allison. i'm sure this is a name you know well. vincent gray went for washington's heaviest hitter, bob bennett, who once represented former president clinton. that is the person mayor gray has hired to represent him during this growing scandal. here's the latest on how all that unfolded. brown, you'll remember, was a mayoral candidate during the race. he alleges that then candidate vince gray offered him a city job in exchange for continued attacks on then mayor fente. he alleges he received cash payments from the gray payment. brown did receive a six figure job from the city, but was later fired from the job. brown is now speaking with investigators. >> i understand you have retained bob bennett to represent you. >> correct. >> tell me why, sir. >> as this unfolds, i was the one that called for the investigation in the first place. so i just want to make sure that as this thing unfolds that i have the best a
in the atmosphere to the west coast of the united states. >> reporter: already the u.s. aircraft carrier ronald regan predicted radiation off shore. and this adds to the growing crisis. the death toll here is already in the thousands. but the devastation is so widespread it's impossible to say yet how many may have simply been swept away in all of this water. the search and rescue teams from the united states have arrived to help search for victims and back in washington the first call now for a halt on u.s. nuclear plant construction. >> not just stop building nuclear power plants but to put on the brakes now until we understand the ramifications of what is happening in japan. >> and the crisis is having an impact on the worldwide economy. the price of oil fell because japanese demand is expected to plummet. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> and we see minimal amount of radiation in our lives. in average we receive a radiation dose of 260 milli mem. half of that comes from the natural radiation in the air and smaller amounts from cosmic rays and the earth itself. the other half comes f
official is reaching out to the u.s. >> reporter: fox news has learned there has been some outreach by one libian official. but there is no end in sight yet for the white house. u.s. war planes may be patrolling the skies overhead, but libian officials were happy to show off this rally in tripoli, backing moammar gaddafi who may be feeting heat from his own advisors. >> whether there are divisions within his family, there are a variety of possibilities. >> reporter: and one high level administration has reached out to secretary of state jeffrey feldman. no apparent break-throughs, at least not yet. >> if there are discussions underway between libian officials close to gadhafi and members of our government about the possibility of his leaving that, will make this mission look like a success for a few hours. >> reporter: and that's where the real problems could begin. who would replace gadhafi? would the u.s. need to put troops on the ground. a great deal of uncertainty for the president who just returned from his latin american tour. and more repub
. >> reporter: police in new haven, connecticut, say u.s. marshalls arrested the suspected east coast rapist on the city street in the middle of friday afternoon without incident. back in december of 2009, investigators from four different states concluded through dna evidence that one suspect had been raping and attacking women since 1997. new haven police identified the suspect as 39-year-old aaron thomas. >> he was charged with sexual assault in the first-degree, burglary in the first-degree and risk of injury to a minor, with a $1 million cash bond. he was also charged as a fugitive for justice in the prince william county case with charges of two counts of rape, abduction and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony in the first-degree. >> reporter: the prince william county case is the most recent attacks. on halloween 2009 three teenage girls trick or treated in this dale city neighbor and were accosted by a man with a gun and marched into nearby woods. two were raped. recently police established a website and billboards to spark leads. it workedch a tipster called and thomas wa
breaking news now out of st. louis. three u.s. marshalls have been shot while trying to take a man into custody. we understand the man was also shot. we don't know anything about any of the conditions right now. a witness does tell a fox affiliate that the marshalls showed up at the man's door and he opened fire. he then said to his sister that he was going out in a body bag. another witness said three children in the man's home were taken to a neighbor's home before the shooting started. >>> time is ticking on the government's two-week extension to get a budget deal done. the senate is expected to do two test votes. both plans are expected to fail. the idea behind the vote is to prod the obama administration. the republicans led -- the red- led house and the democratic- led senate are to settle gaping differences which is said to be $50 billion worth. the current stop gap funding measure expires march 18th. >>> and the unrest in libya contributing to the increase in gas costs. >> oil prices continue to climate about $104 a barrel this morning and we're certainly feeling it at the
take their own lives every year in the u.s. each backpack represents one of those victims. nationwide 36,000 people die a year from suicide in the nation. the backpacks are part of a public education program called send silence packing. >>> 10 minutes after the hour now and he is the man in charge of building the nationals team. general manager mike rizo joins dave ross next at nats park to talk about what we can expect today and throughout the season. don't go anywhere. we're going right back.  blue diamond almonds! more bold flavor! more variety! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds... more than a snack. [ female announcer ] important events can sneak up on you. oh, i am not ready. [ female announcer ] but in two weeks, you could feel ready. introducing yoplait light's two week tune up diet plan. you could lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks when you replace breakfast and lunch with a fruit, grain, and yoplait light. betsy bets. you haven't changed a bit. oh...neither have you... sean. well, yeah. [ female announcer ] go to to start your two wee
a deadly attack on u.s. airmen appears to be motivated by islamic extremism. police say the gunman opened fire yesterday on a bus carrying service members. two were killed and two others are injured. they were headed to afghanistan. the 21-year-old suspected gunman is due in a german court today. >>> it's 9 minutes past the hour. controversy swirling around the president of the university of district of columbia. the fox 5 investigation that started with a viewer tip uncovered questionable spending that has left students fuming. they are taken their outrage online to facebook. coming up after the break we'll hear from a student about how they plan to make this right. econagnosis-- i was told to go home, retire, and enjoy the time i had left. to say it was a shock is just a complete understatement. i mean, i don't think there are words. she had put up a really good fight, but it was her time. you... don't have a choice of getting breast cancer. i had no choice. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. that 3-day gave me that opportunity. and i can actually do something to help. i think
is deteriorating. u.s. and japanese scientists are trying to contain the radiation leaks. a team from the nuclear regulatory commission including members from rockville is headed to tokyo to provide additional support. the japanese government is urging calm but another explosion and fire at the plant has people in panic mode. radiation levels in japan may be rising. evacuation zones are widening and fear is sweeping country. nuclear power is the most frightening thing. even more than a tsunami said this man. after a series of explosions and now a fire at the fukushima nuclear plant, the japan prime minister chose his words carefully. >> radiation has sped from the reactors and the reading of the level seems very high. >> reporter: some reactor fuel rods have been exposed to air. a portion of them no longer cooled by water. the precursor to a meltdown. and there has been a fire and a spent fuel rod pool, leaking more radiation. a full nuclear catastrophe in japan could affect much of the globe with radiation heading east toward the united states. at the white house yesterday, president obama spoke
and 3 dozen are set for trial in u.s. courts or commissions. >>> even when he is losing out on a job, charlie sheen continues his rally cry of winning. he's happy about being fired from the tv show and the new opportunity he's offering to his fans via twitter coming up. >>> and the fact that d.c. has the worst traffic in the nation. no surprise to anyone that spent time on the roads here. but how bad is it really? the results after the break. and we'll get what is happening on the roads from julie wright and the latest weather from tucker barnes coming up. 7:12 now.  [ music ] >> is that weird al jankovic. >> yes. and it's fat tuesday today. so if you weren't able to make it down to new orleans, we're going to bring it to you this morning. >> a real little bit. >> holly will join us later with food that might make you feel like fat tuesday. and we have the same forecast in new orleans, at least right now as far as the sunshine. >> you have that right. >> they have the advantage. they've been up all night. we've only been up for part of the night. >> so have we.
card. here in the u.s., a company called personal is starting a similar pay-for-data service. you can get on the waiting list now. the link is on >> we say $10 but you get a bunch of the firms, you have 100 or $200. >> and you get a mailbox filled with stuff you don't want every day and phone calls and probably about a thousand e- mails. >> so you're saying it's not worth it. >> but you have to balance that. >> and if the companies know they'll have to give a little bit of their profits, maybe they would stop that. >> hold back on it? >> maybe. >> at least you get something for it. >> good for them. they're trying to fight on our behalf. >>> i mentioned earlier, it's going to be beautiful around here later this afternoon. look at that bright sunshine across the area. and it is cool out there. still cool at this hour with temperatures jumping into the upper 30s and low 40s. but later this afternoon, unlike yesterday, we'll top out in the upper 50s. so here are the headlines. and notice the clever play of words here. march starts lamb-like. and i spent a good part of the mo
to the city. the 74 member crew are one of two search and rescue teams that the u.s. government has sent to japan. the other team is from los angeles. and now news of people being pulled from rubble alive. one was a 70-year-old woman found inside her home that had been washed away in the tsunami. rescuers pulled another man believed to be in his 20s from the rubble in a coastal city when they heard him calling for help. but now snow is on the way and temperatures below freezing, so survivors will have a slimmer chance of being found alive. tony, back to you. >> sherry, thank you very much. >>> of course getting help to the victims of the disaster in japan is an enormous effort and it's just beginning. relief organizations need you to pitch in. you can donate to victim this is morning by calling the phone bank at 202-895-3307. that is 202-895-3307. that number will be available until 10:00 a.m. you'll also find plenty of information about all of this on >>> as the crisis continues, economists are focused on japan's markets. japan is the third largest economy in the world and
weather features in the eastern u.s. that will change our weather for today. so your day planner looks like this -- we'll see plenty of sunshine and more mild than yesterday. look for a high today in the upper 50s. down to the south, some of you could see highs in the low 60s. so not a bad day. we'll have more details on the forecast in a little bit. now let's go to julie wright and get an update on traffic. >>> still slow going. southbound along the baltimore washington parkway. heads up from jessop down towards laurel. a three car fender-bender tieing up the left side of the highway. unfortunately fire trucks there tieing up the left side of the road but he's on the move. could get the lanes reopened here shortly. big delays leaving 32 past 216 and heading towards laurel. so coming out of jessop, better bet to stick with i-95 and use that as an alternate and 29 is available from 198. so southbound, the accident south of 198 and before you reach 197. most con fined to the median and the fire truck has pulled away from the scene. and back inside. if you are traveling on the capital bel
. >>> and in just the last couple of days recentless air strikes by u.s., british and french war planes have decimated gadhafi tanks and supply lines. the air attacks have cut them off and gadhafi forces are now in full retreat in the east. the rebels took the oil ports of bregga and rosslinoff and they are battling for control of gadhafi home town. >>> and we are getting reports that coalition home strikes are hitting gadhafi's home town. president will address the situation tonight at 7:30. >>> and we're getting word of more unrest in syria. riot police are firing tear gas on protestors again this morning. this is video of deadly crackdowns over the weekend. witnesses in one city reported hearing gunfire today after police in the coastal city there killed a dozen people over the weekend. now the government said 30 people have died in the last week but protestors say that number is more than 100. tony. >>> allison, more fallout from the nuclear disaster in japan. airborne radio active materials were first detected on the west coast, now an even more dilute amount has been found in maryland.
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